Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little kids, baseball bats, and mailboxes

      Once upon a time our mail box was pretty much like everyone else's until a couple of small boys decided to prove their powers and subject the mail box to abuse that no item should be put through. They managed to overcome the mail box and went on feeling victorious, not knowing that the horrible crime was observed.
Well, Sharon and I went after the villans escorted by one of the local law officers. They had not made it very far and we found them in a nearby park. As we approached they hid the baseball bat in a trash can. Any way we gave the little kids a scare and let them go, but now our mailbox is in sad shape.
Not wanting a beat up old mailbox, we decided to make a stronger version that would stand up to vicious attacks in the future.
      I poured a small cement slab and constructed a post with cinder blocks which also have more concrete inside them along with rebar connecting all of it together.
What good is a solid post if it doesn't support a substantial mailbox? So off we go to the hardware store and bought stuff to finish this project that included
a very large mailbox, a regular sized mailbox, more concrete, and very long bolts to sink into the concrete holding it together.  We put the smaller mailbox inside the large one and you guessed it. More concrete.
There it is folks. The story of our mailbox. Have yourselves a good day, now you hear?