Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just stuff

It is Saturday and I am at the house by myself. Sharon made a trip to Amarillo

to pick up some oil filters for the motorcycles so that I can change the oil soon.
We plan to ride them to Arkansas in July for another family reunion. My valves are tapping a
little and I thought I should have them adjusted, but the mechanic told me the lifters were
hydraulic and not adjustable.
Yesterday, on the way home from work, I saw a flag flying over a buisness and thought

it was neat so I took a picture of it. I will include it.

The local radio station has a daily trivia question, and the winner gets a few prizes,

like, a free breakfast at one of the resturants, a T shirt, maybe a free car wash, but
those that win the daily trivia question are entered into a monthly drawing for a vacation.
Yesterday Sharon called me and told me she won the vacation. They offer 12 different places
to choose from and they put you up in a nice Hotel for 3 nights and supply tickets to
whatever attractions are in that particular area. I don't know which one she will decide
on but it will be nice, I am sure. We will have to supply our own transportation but that is
    Y'all be good now, Y'hear?