Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goldwing

Well, there is no other way to say it than the 2012 Honda Goldwing is the ultimate motorcycle. Sharon says it is a car without the shell and she is right. Just to name a few features, Navigation system, heated grips, heated seats, surround sound stereo featuring AM, FM, XM Sirus, and auxillary flash drive connectivity that lets me carry my whole collection with me. Automatic volume control that increases volume as RPMS increase. What's the word of currant times? Awesome!!!  Did some one say "Heated Seats?" Actually on maximum setting they will make you squirm. They get too warm. Heated Grips? Very nice but the backs of your fingers and hands still get cold. Maybe I need to tell Honda to enclose the handle bar grips to keep the heat around the hands, but still, very nice. Navigation system, on a motorcycle no less? There is a large screen under the speedometer that shows location, direction currant address and not only that, but it talks to you. Even if I turn it off, there is a neat 3" compass that shows up in it's place.
     Foot vents? Well you know it.
There is a lever to slide that allows air warmed from the engine to pass over your feet and ankles. That could stand a little improving, but when I tested them it was 26 degrees out. Maybe to give it a true test I should wait for another 26 degree day and make the same ride without the heated vents on my feet.
    Adjustable windshield? Of course!!  It can be raised as much as 4". Sure, there is a air vent in the windshield. Digital odometer? Natureally. Time, tempeture, and miles traveled? Adjustable rear shocks for passenger or a load? Why even ask. Not only that but a pre-set memo switch to quickly change from one to the other. Tire pressure monitors? CB radio capibility? Headlight adjustment while riding? 200+ miles per tank. Electric cruise control. Pockets or compartments every where. A horn louder than most car horns.
     One of the key words in it's description is "Touring". I keep telling Sharon, "We need to plan a trip somewhere, anywhere, and the only requirement is two tanks of gas out, two tanks back, plus one to run around on. That means at least 400 miles away, At least one nights stay. I think I can convince her to do it if
I include a PBR event. Heated Seats? Yeah, I know, I covered that. Except it is necessary to mention, "Individual Controls." Can you say Amen, Brothers and sisters?
    I LOVE IT!!! I don't know if it has features I left out, Probably does. Like my little Brother says, " Looks like that thing could fly to mars."
     Well, give me an address and a couple of warm days and we will see.
   Ok You want to see it.
Apparentlly I don't have a picture in my file but you can see what I mentioned at     . On that site go to touring motercycles,  Sooner or later if you choose blue  color you will see what I recieved with 8 miles on the odometer.