Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer is under way

101 yesterday and not as bad today but the heat will still be around for a while.
    So what can I tell you folks? This weekend I am on back up call schedule but Sharon and I took a drive to Booker to let her sample Mulberrys. She has had them in the past but the tree she tried them from did not produce good tasting berrys. I know of one in Booker and the berrys are very sweet. I would not mind a mulberry tree at our place but they can be messy trees.
    While we were there I saw a poster for a trap shoot that will happen next Saturday, and I am considering entering. I don't know if I will take my shot gun or Sharon's, maybe both. That is something I have never tried but said I would. Maybe I will go to the range tomorrow and practise a little.
    While we were at Booker, we decided to eat something, so we went to the Mexican resturant and we both ordered Chicken fajitas, but the waiter messed up and brought us Beef. We did not want to push the issue and we both like beef, so it really wasn't a big deal. They were good any way.
     Today I will try to finish a puzzle I made to challenge the co-workers. It is a Burr puzzle and most commonly burr puzzles will have 6 pieces, but this one has 18. It is a hard one.
     Every year, we turn the gas off to the house in the summer, to save a little money. The only thing we have in the house that is gas is the furnace, but what ever we might save is probably spent in electricty cost as we begin to use the airconditioners more.
That is plenty for now.
Y'all be good.

just a moment to catch up.

      Well, you know, you turn around a few times and the weeds have overgrown the house and then you notice that it has been a month or so since you tried to update the blog.
    Yup. Thats Texas for you.
Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.