Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just an update

Hello, any one who is interested.
So winter is here and motorcycle riding has diminished but I did get it out yesterday and ride to work. Of course you do have to bundle up some when it is 32 degrees. Still it was a nice ride. They always are. I gotta tell you, I feel the urge to make another cross country trip coming on. West is always a good direction, but I will wait till spring or so. This photo is from my return from Oregon, and that was a good trip. I don't have the goldwing any more and this bike did ok. It started every time and that is a good thing. Maybe I will get another Goldwing after the car is paid off. Sharon might decide to go with me then. Then, this bike will be hers again.
     My hair is almost long enough to donate again. It will be nice to have it gone.

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