Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well the weather is nice and we said, today we will do some needed chores. Oh, to start over and say "today,
we will sit in the recliner and watch tv."
     Chores it is so we first went out for breakfast and then the first chore was to go to the landfill and get rid of an old refrigerator. That went smoothly enough.
    Next Sharon was going to paint a sissy bar/luggage rack that a friend built for her motorcycle and so we took it off the bike and she got started. While she did that I mowed but first had to get fuel for the mower.
    Then we got around to the big chore of the day and that was to level the house. We live in a mobile home and  over the years it settled and shifted a little here and there. So I go under the house with a jack and start raising the house back to where it used to be. I had to lift one side about  4 inches. That is all well and good, except over that much time and that much settleing, all the PVC plumbing was now adjusted to it's new lower level, and if I had raised it as slowly as it settled it may have re-adjusted. No, I did it all at once and so the next chore, an unintended one, was to fix some PVC pipe that refused to shift all at once.
    Now it is time for the recliner.

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