Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today is a good one!

Well, it really was a good day. I mentioned several times that I thought I needed new tires for my motorcycle, and we decided to do it before the trip and not have to be bothered with it on the road.
     We left here at 6:30 am and rode our motorcycles to Amarillo. Once there we left my bike at the shop and rode to have breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. Then we went to a HarleyDavidson dealer and Sharon got some kind of hair holder. Then we went to the Tri-State Fair. We had free tickets because we had some of our stuff on exhibit.
       Remember the afghan?
Yup. First Place. Remember the Shirt, (number two)? Second place on that one.
Also a first place ribbon on another scarf.
    Then we picked up my bike and we came home. On the west side of the city of Amarillo there are a bunch of cadillacs buried front end down. Every one stops by these cars and goes out to them for pictures, which Sharon and I have done in the past.
     On the east side of town there is another group of cars also buried in similar fashion. Needless to say, we stopped for pictures.

Then to Braums for a burger and hot fudge sundae, and then home.
270 miles and some cheap thrills. Yup, a good day.

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