Saturday, August 3, 2013

Little Black Sambo

    No, I am not a racist, I am only telling a children's story that was popular when I was a child.
Of course I can not quote the story word for word but from memory I can give you a brief condensed version that will get the point accross.
    Once upon a time there was a child who lived in a land far away, named Little Black Sambo.
One day Little Black Sambo's Mother dressed him up in all his best fine clothes. You know, all the usual stuff. Umbrella, vest, shoes, the whole works. Then she told him,  "You just go and have a good day now, You hear?"
    So, off he goes, hiking through the jungle all dressed up in his best finery. As the story goes, Little Black Sambo encounters a tiger who happens to be hungry, as tigers are.
The tiger says to Little black Sambo, You know, I am pretty hungry, but if you give me your fine umbrella, I just might not eat you. Well sure, Little Black Sambo is a smart child and says to himself, " Self, it is better to give up apparel than to be eaten. 
    And so the story goes. This child is wandering around in a dangerous jungle filled with preditors and continues to encounter hungry tigers, who can be temporairily satisfied with a vest or a\ pair of shoes and so forth
     Eventually though, He runs out of enticing clothes and soon the tigers say,  "You know, I really like having an umbrella, or whatever, but I am still hungry".
     So, the tigers get together and find Little Black Sambo, and tell him, "Your clothes and things are not enough and we are still going to eat you.
    It was about this point, that Little Black Sambo says "my only remaning defense is to run" and he did.
Around a tree he ran in continueing circles so fast the the chasing tigers melted into tiger butter, at which time
he gathered up his clothes and went home to tell his Mama. She said, "We will have pankakes with tiger butter and they all lived happily ever after.
     You ever notice how childrens stories always end with "Happily Ever After"?
Any way, the whole point is that Little Black Sambo was a human child and did not have a tail.

Recently one of our cats gave us some much needed additions, and 3 of them were tiger colored and one was tiny and black, born with a tail. The large black one in the corner is not one of the litter, but just a visitor.
Needless to say the tiny black kitten is now Sambo and the other three are named tiger 1, 2, and3.
Y'all have a good day now you hear?

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