Saturday, February 27, 2010

Prove it!

    The  Woman and I have been married for better than 34 years and during that entire time she has made one afgan after another. Countless miles of yarn consumed and her method is "Crochet."
     Well, not long ago I told her "that after watching her crochet for so many years, I could probably do it."
So the next thing I know is she gives me some yarn and a needle and says "Show me".
     Bear in mind the length of time she has been doing this compared to the time I have spent on it and understand that she is a little better at it than I am. I have completed one scarf and am half way through the second one. I gave the first one away as soon as I finished it.
     Also please excuse the poor picture quality, as I used the cell phone to photograph it.
       The second one will be just like the first one.  I will try to get better pictures when the next one is finished.
     Y'all have a good day now, Ya hear?

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