Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring is almost here, time to ride

Well you know, my bike has been out of commission for a while now and I was forced to ride Sharon's motorcycle for a spell. It is ok and it made it to Oregon and back with no trouble. That is her's on the left there and that is what it looked like during my ride but that was in the October of last year. That photo was just out of Mojave, California.
I need to make a sissy bar and luggage rack for the little bike because Sharon can haul a bunch of stuff on a bike if she can just strap it down.
     She currently has a Yamaha V Star 650. It is a nice little bike.
     I ride a Goldwing and it had some battery troubles lately but now it functions again.
    This picture was last July when I rode the Goldwing to California. I missed it when it was down and even started looking at harleys. They just aren't the same though.
     That is not what I have to tell you though.
I told Y'all that my bragging got me a ball of yarn and a hook.
     I made one scarf just to prove I could and then made another one just like the first. Pictures were promised and so here they are.

Well Y'all, have a good day and be grateful that the snow is gone.

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  1. So you men actually observe and listen sometimes???? Who knew? Nicely done. I am sure Sharon is proud of you. Don't get all uppity about it though!