Sunday, March 21, 2010

It has been a nice week.

     Well I will tell you, after the folks surprised me by dropping in on us, (Sharon knew) I took some time off work and we had a very nice nine days or so. We ate too much. While they were here I deep fryed a turkey and will have turkey sandwiches for some time to come. We made a trip to Wheeler and saw Sharon's parents for a spell the other day and the day before that we made a trip to Groom Texas and saw the Cross Monument. I thought I had a picture but it is on Sharon's computer instead.
     Any way, I used my new talent to make a scarf and it is not my choice of colors, but Mom likes it.

There it is.
     They plan to leave in the morning, so they are getting ready to pack up. They are going to stay tonight in a motel so they can leave at thier leisure in the morning.
It was great having them here.
Y'all be good now, you hear?

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  1. So glad you guys had a good visit! The scarf you made for Aunt Bonnie is great! Safe travels and lots of love to them.