Sunday, March 14, 2010

     You know that moment in time when you look around and feel like something is different but it takes you a minute to figure out what it is?
    Well I encountered one of those moments recently.
Sharon called me while I was at work and said, "Mom and Dad are in town running some errands and want to meet us at Money's for dinner."
     Money's is a steakhouse here in Perryton and it is a good place to eat. Any way, we don't get to see Sharon's parents real often because they live 90 miles from here. So, sure, we can have dinner with them, no problem.
    So we walk into Money's right behind some square dancers all dressed up in thier western outfits, and people start taking pictures of the square dancers.
    Then here comes the moment I mentioned. The hostess took the square dancers to be seated and the cameras continue to flash in Our (Sharon and I) direction. One of the flashes comes from the lady that helps run the resturant and  Mom's camera and I suddenly realize, Hmmm, Mom's camera? Now why in the world would Mom be photographing square dancers?
     Yup, sure enough, There were the Folks taking pictures of square dancers.
All in all, It made a very nice surprise. Yesterday we took a drive to Canadian to eat at a gas station and afterwards we walked across the old wagon bridge located there.

So far it has been a very nice visit and the shoe is on the other foot this time.
    I am usually the one that surprises them.
     Have a good day every body.


  1. Tell your mom and dad hey and it was really great to see them!! Thanks for sharing the photos! Have a very good visit!

  2. That's very cool! I'm so glad they were able to surprise you. It doesn't happen often, since you're usually the one surprising us.