Sunday, October 17, 2010

One more time, bad language.

The videos are large and maybe that is why I am having trouble getting them in here. This one should not be too big though, as it is slightly bigger than 7 mb. We will see.
    While we were in Dallas we went to Heritage Village. It is a Civil War era mueseum of buildings that you would expect to find at that time, and the people dress in period clothing and tell you stuff. The thing is it is right in the middle of Dallas with Skyscrapers all around.
     Ok, Sharon's video made it. Should I try another? Nah they all look too big so I may have to try to change the format to a smaller kind. Once again, I don't know what the people had to say when Sharon dropped, but it is not something for me to control. The two people waiting on the tower still are a couple of young men who were new to the army and about to ship out. They were looking for some fun before they left.

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