Monday, October 18, 2010

The swing

Now then this is the last of the videos that were made at Zero Gravity. This is actually the first one we rode and it was kind of tame compared to the others. There was one other ride that was literally a slingshot, but
it is still very large.
     For those of you that like to mess with video cameras and then want to change the format of the video,
go to,
and they make it pretty easy.
    Traffic in Dallas was miserable. The Texas Longhorns were playing Oklahoma University on the day that we went to the State Fair, and it took an hour to go one mile on the freeway. Sharon got the Dallas map out and we went through town and made pretty good time that way.
     We saw the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, in Fort Worth and it is one of only two places where they print money.  Sharon wanted a page of uncut bills and we wound up with not a complete page which would have 32 bills on it, but a quarter page. Her page has eight one dollar bills and oddly enough, the government makes a profit on the money they sell that way. That was a good tour though, but they make you leave almost everything that is normally in the pocket, outside, like Mace, knives, guns and so forth.
       I missed the free sample portion of the tour.

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