Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Shirt

Well, Folks, I said I would make a shirt and did. The material was about the only choice at the time for some thing that could be considered masculine.
    It started last month when I made a sissy bar for Sharon's bike and then decided to make a pad for the sissy bar. So we bought me a little sewing machine but not knowing much about the machine, I decided to make a shirt to become familier with the machine. So we got a McCalls pattern and some pepper material, and I proceeded. I did not speak Pattern language so Sharon translated the language into understandable Redneck. She gave me some pointers but I did the sewing, and lo, and behold, a shirt came out of it.
     Counting the cost of the machine, pattern, thread, and material, the shirt wound up costing about 100 dollars. If I do more then the cost will come down, but it is not cheap to make your own clothes.
     Let's see if I can show you a picture.
Yup. There it is. Sharon calls it "Busy".

1 comment:

  1. No, sewing your own clothing isn't necessarily cheap but how else are you going to get your very own pepper shirt??? I love it. I have some sail fish fabric I keep meaning to use to make a shirt for Tim. When you're done with the sissy bar cover are you going to make more clothes?