Thursday, January 21, 2010

animal control

       Well I suppose that if a person is going to title a monolog as "animal control" there ought to be a reason to do so. Well it is not that I wear a badge and take the dogs in cages to another cage somewhere and all the stuff that goes along with that job. What I mean to say about animal control will be evident shortly and it is truly not even something I had control over at all. It was the animals in question that had the control.
     So I will tell you about the animals. I once had a favorite puppy that I selected from a large group and I introduced that puppy to my constant company. She went every where with me inside my jacket, starting before her eyes were opened. Well this meant that naturally she would spend some time riding motorcycles with me. Her name was Chopper. After awhile, she became too big for the coat, and so I had to move her out onto the gas tank.
     She still went everywhere but then I aquired another dog named Melodie. Melodie did not want to stay home by her self and would chase us when we left the house so one day I just stopped and said "C'mon". Without hesitation she jumped right into an empty spot behind Chopper. We rode for a good spell like that and Chopper taught Melodie that when I went into the store I would be back eventually so they might as well sit a spell. They would stay on the bike for a long time.
     Then, if I remember right, we got Blondie, a small dog who also wanted to get some wind in her face. We still had an open area under Chopper, so that is where Blondie would ride.
       At the time I worked on an oilfield rig, #56 to be exact. There was a dog who became our rig dog and so naturally her name was 56. To make a long story shorter, 56 became Sharon and my dog and you guessed it, She wanted to ride.
56 rode behind me, Melodie, Chopper and Blondie in front and they all learned from Chopper to stay on the Bike. I would come out of a store and people would be sitting around waiting to see how I managed. While those dogs were alive, Perryton people knew me not by name but as "The Guy With The Dogs".

Here they are.
    Y'all have a good day now, You hear?

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  1. very cool post Rick and love the picture. That is a great memory.