Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cross Monument

Well, Howdy there Y'all.
      Greetings from the Texas panhandle.
This country is so flat, that I watched my dog run away for 3 days.
      Nah, just kidding. I never have had a dog run away. My dogs all seem to like me well enough. In fact, one of my dogs named Emily could probably be attached to my ankle with a one foot leash, and never would take all the slack out of the leash.
      That's not what this portion of blog is all about though, seeing as how I titled it Cross Monument, it probably should be about that.
     You know?
Here in Texas when you ask "How far is it?",  the answer you get is not Miles, but time. I never really liked that because I might drive a little slower than some one else.
     So about 2 hours from here is an enormous Cross and is really worth seeing. My photos were taken at night and are blurry and dark so if you want to check out better pictures then go to;

     This is the largest free standing cross in America.
This first picture is from about five miles away. As you get closer,
the enormousness of this cross comes through to you.
Like I said it is well worth seeing and all around the base, are sculptures depicting The Crucifixion of Christ.

The second picture is from the parking lot.

In this last picture I am standing at the base of the Cross so maybe you can start to see, this is big.
      Of course, everything is bigger in Texas.

More later.

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